Rural Safety

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Rural Safety

Following recent attacks in and around the Potchefstroom community, communication has become a critical necessity for people living in rural areas. As a local forerunner in the internet industry, Wi-5 Wireless would like to help people who live in these areas to obtain stable and reliable internet, with which to secure their communications. To do our part in the ensuring security in the rural areas, we are introducing a new deal for those who live there.

We are offering 50% discount on the first year of internet, for residents of these areas. You can be connected onto our network with a once off connection fee of just R450. Choose the monthly package that best suits your needs and rent the apparatus from us on a monthly basis. In this way we are able to deliver dependable internet to your property at a low monthly fee.

A reliable internet connection is a method of security:

  • Connect cameras to be on the look-out, even from a distance via remote viewing;
  • Report incidents to a local WhatsApp group;
  • Make a WhatsApp call;
  • Receive reports if you are connected to a local security-app;
  • Get use of the Zello app (works like a two way radio).


Wi-5 Wireless is a proud supporter of our local rural communities. For more information, please complete our contact form and we will be in touch with you.

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