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We are a local Wireless Internet Service Provider, supplying our clients with fast and reliable wireless internet with awesome service. With our no Fair Usage Policy principle, you will never run out of data or be throttled, and will always get the speed that you pay for. We are proud supporters of uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled internet.

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Going on vacation for a month? No problem! Give us a call and we suspend your service for the time. You can give us a call when you are ready to connect again.

No lines

That’s right! You do not need a landline when signing up with us. You will also never stand in a queue since we are online based. Getting connected is easy with us!

Buy-Back Options

Relocating and cannot take us with? We are sad to see you go, and will offer you a buy-back option on your equipment of up to R1000, depending on the condition of it.

Referral System

Do you have a connection with us? Refer your family and friends! With each successful referral, you will receive R50 discount on your connection fees for the next three months.

Customer service @Wi-5 Wireless

SMS: 067 084 7868

Need help with your connection? Luckily that is only an SMS away! Send us an SMS to 067 084 7868 and we assist you immediately.


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Send us an SMS to 067 084 7868 and we will give you a call, or

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